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The retailers carrying our merchandise are a terrific…and quite a varied group.  But we are certainly anxious to grow.  Whether you are boutique carrying upscale clothing and accessories or a specialty shop carrying trendy jewelry and gifts…or you are a full-service spa / salon that features some chic boutique items, offering your customers something that they won’t find other places makes you a perfect match for us.   And we’d love to talk with you!

Why glass jewelry? What makes glass special?

Glass jewelry has been around for hundreds of years in Europe.  We don’t consider it a “trend” but predict that it will initially be viewed in the U.S. like a new trend until it’s fully realized and appreciated here.  Glass has a clean elegance that can’t be achieved in plastic, metal or wood.  It sparkles in the light and is fairly inexpensive when compared to crystal…or gold…or diamonds.  Our glass is hand-turned over an open flame with some of our more unique shapes molded color and specific details also being done by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike.  There is a certain amount of flexibility and variety in the different shapes that can be created / molded when the glass artisan is very skilled.  So the resulting product is quite special and exquisite…something chic and unique for your shop!

What does it feel like to wear our jewelry?

Glass jewelry has some weight to it, so the presence of a pendant around your neck will be noticeable at first, depending on the shape (certain designs are heavier than others).  Rings have a smooth but substantial feel and look; some styles are very subtle and close-fitting in the way they hug your finger for a more conservative look.  Other designs are larger and more noticeable in the way they stand off your finger…this has a bolder look.  Retailers that bring our merchandise into their shop usually order extra pieces for themselves and their employees to wear.  It’s an interesting and exciting conversation piece and it becomes easy for them to sell our jewelry based on how our jewelry looks and feels to them. 

Who is the target end-customer?

Any woman of any age will find something on our “menu” that appeals to her.  Regardless of the age of your customer base, our jewelry is about loving color and giving a classic look some creative flare.  So we seek a variety of retail outlets that cater to women of all ages and fashion tastes. 

How does The Glass Café identify with retailers?

We know that when it comes to selecting accessories, women have lots of options.  So it’s a huge task for retailers to anticipate the wants and needs of their customers each season.  We understand that retailers have to be very selective about the products they carry in their shops…they have a very finite amount of space and they want their shop to be THE shop customers come to, so the merchandise they carry has to be something that is not found all over town.  How many accessories / jewelry shows have we all been to and seen the same merchandise over and over, booth after booth?  Certain themes and designs have gotten so repetitive.  Offering retailers products that are colorful and fresh, with the right mix of sophistication and trendiness…there’s nothing cliché about that.

What makes The Glass Café products different?

There are retail shops, department stores and catalogs that already appreciate the European flare of glass jewelry and are carrying some pieces, which delights us.  But it’s still a very small segment of the retail population.  Our goal is to further the “trend” and offer exciting designs, shapes and colors not seen or offered anywhere else.  Keeping the overall feel of our product line classic and timeless but punctuating it with colors that speak to the trends gives retailers who want something different in their shop a real treat.  We offer various sizes as well as introducing new designs and shapes throughout the year to keep our product line fresh and different.  Though most retailers have special jewelry displays in their shops, we’ve designed our packaging so that our jewelry shows well inside our packaging.  So if retailers choose to use our box as the display, our lid flips back and underneath, then clips into place easily.  We also provide little organza bags so that when customers purchase our jewelry from your shop, they have a special little bag for their jewelry.  We want our retailers appreciating the little details about how we design and create our jewelry AND help you present our products.

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