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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your ring sizes?

Though most of the retails shops and boutiques carrying The Glass Café merchandise ask for a “mix of sizes” in our rings, some of you have requested specific sizes for specific customers, which we're happy to do! Although our website states “whole sizes 5 through 9”, we do have rings ranging from 4 1/2 through 10 (yes, half sizes too) in many of our designs and colors. So if your customers need specific sizes, just ask! We'll be happy to provide something specific for those special customers.

Your pendants are provided with chokers?

We have two different types of chokers to give the end customer versatility in the look they can achieve with our pendants. For a more casual, trendy look, we now have a simple black rubber choker with silver lobster-claw clasp. The black rubber makes the bright glass colors even more vibrant and exciting. We also have a softer, more understated option in our gold-tone and silver-tone chokers…these are multi-wire chokers with a thin barrel clasp. A little more unusual and very chic! We’ve received lots of compliments on these!  Opening and closing our barrel clasp takes only a time or two before you'll be a true pro. Grasp each end of the clasp, turn either side in opposite directions until the catch lands in the channel to slide apart. When closing the clasp, push the two ends together and find that channel that allows both ends to meet and then turn the ends in opposite directions to close. A slight tug to make sure your clasp is secure is a good idea. 

What are your box quantities and minimum orders?

Rings are provided 12 pcs. to a box. Pendants are provided 6 pcs. to a box. We have a two box order minimum. You can choose a box of pendants and a box of rings, two boxes of pendants or two boxes of's your choice of what YOUR two boxes will be. And you can mix-and-match different styles, designs, colors and sizes within the boxes. Only YOU know what styles, colors and sizes will appeal to your clientele so YOUR unique collection is up to you, not us. (But we are certainly delighted to suggest popular items or colors that are hottest right now.)

How do you handle inventory?

Our goal is to always have inventory of all our designs, colors and sizes so that we can ship your order within one week. Unfortunately, when certain colors or designs are in high demand, we do run low...or out. When certain items are running low or become out of stock, this will be indicated on our website so please check it. When we are low or completely out, we will produce more so ask us when we will be expecting new inventory!

What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time, we are prepared to take payment via MasterCard, Visa or a check.

What are your prices?

If you are a retailer interested in carrying our glass jewelry, please contact us to receive pricing information, and more details about our product line. Please contact Amy Odom, V.P. of Product Design and Marketing, at 815-459-CAFÉ (2233) or click email

What is your Return Policy?

Unfortunately, we do not take returns. Because our products are glass, we have made huge efforts to design our display boxes and pack our merchandise very carefully to make sure that when everything you order leaves The Glass Café, it is perfect! However, if upon receipt of our products you find something has broken, please contact us right away. Though we specify when shipping that these packages are fragile, how carefully FED EX handles packages is out of our control but something for which you will not be penalized. So merchandise broken upon arrival at your store will be replaced.

How should your jewelry be handled?

Once products arrive in your shop, how carefully it is handled is out of our control. So if something breaks once it’s in your possession, we can’t be responsible. Though we don’t want to tell you how to run YOUR business, we would delicately suggest that you offer the same policy to your customers. We have designed our products to be worn by any woman, any time, anywhere. But because this is costume jewelry made of glass, common sense would dictate that “any time and anywhere” has to have certain reasonable restrictions. If dropped or banged against something, glass will break! The choker loops on the pendants are quite delicate so always suggest to customers that this jewelry be the last thing they put on and the first thing removed when pulling clothing items over their head! Rings are slightly more robust, but when doing any type of packing, lifting, housecleaning, etc…anything that involves a lot of hand activity or pressure on the ring band…we suggest that rings be removed. Banging a glass ring against a metal ring will break the glass band, so activities such as clapping your hands together should be done carefully. And wearing a glass ring on a finger next to a metal-band ring should also be avoided.

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