The Glass Cafe
Colorful hand-crafted glass jewelry delights to satisfy your visual appetite!

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Pendants: Heart | Circle | Starfish | Candy
Rings: Triangle | Starfish | Circle | Dome | Candy
Limited-Editon Items: Starz pendants | Starz rings | Heart rings

Dome Rings

Simple glass globes that wink silver or whisper gold.

Conservative yet elegant, goes with everything.

Rings available in whole sizes 5 through 9

Sparkle (with silver-leaf)

Presented in Lavender (LA), Ocean (OC), Pool (PO), Opal (OP), Plum (PL)*,
Pink (PI)*, Teal (TL)

*=Very Low Inventory - more coming soon

Twinkle (with gold-leaf)

Presented in Lime (LM), Yellow (YL), Red (RD), Mango (MG), Clear (CL), Caramel (CA)

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