The Glass Cafe
Colorful hand-crafted glass jewelry delights to satisfy your visual appetite!

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Ahhh Summer!

Blue skies, warm breezes, blazing sun and the melodic lapping of water on the shore. And twinkling just below the surface are magical treasures from the sea…delicate and beautiful starfish!

Our tribute to these beautiful creatures is done oh-so subtly in glass jewelry. Attention-getting shapes, vivacious colors and elegant touches of gold and silver bring creative flair to jewelry like never before.

Slide one of these gorgeous rings on your tan fingers (and don’t forget the matching pendant around your neck) to make any where you go feel tropical…and any summer outfit a stand-out...compliments of The Glass Café!

Joie de vivre!

Aqua Starfish Ring with Oysters glass from the Glass Cafe

Patriotic Red White and Blue glass starfish from the Glass Cafe

Plum glass starfish in a martini from the glass cafe

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